Recycling Program

Every year, the United States alone generates approximately 230 million tons of trash and less than 1/4 of it is recycled. Nude & Noir wants to do everything we can to keep our products out of the ocean and out of landfills.

We've kept our recycling program easy so we can maximize its impact!

Mail us your Nude & Noir compact(s) and receive a one time discount code!  Mail 1 compact and receive a 15% off code!  Mail 2+ compacts and receive a 25% off code!  Be sure to include your email address in the package so we can get that code over to you!

Mail your Nude & Noir to our offices at: Nude & Noir Cosmetics- 11927 Gorham Ave, suite 103, Los Angeles, CA 90049

 Offer limited to orders up to $200.